Aug 06, 2023

Solenoid driver module from magnetic sensor systems

By Mike Santora | July 25, 2023

Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS) Has released the SDM840 Solenoid Driver Module as a complement to their Series of Solenoids and those of other manufacturers that includes: Tubular, Open Frame, Low Profile, Hinged Clapper, Latching, and Rotary Solenoids. This compact, quiet 20 kHz pulse width modulated driver module measuring just 1.65 x 2.50-in. is designed to consume less energy by first applying the voltage for a pre-determined period of time necessary to activate the solenoid and when the plunger is seated, drop the voltage to a level sufficient to hold the solenoid in the seated position conserving energy and avoiding overheating the solenoid’s coil. This also allows smaller solenoids to be used when a large force at a long stroke is required by applying high voltage to the solenoid providing the necessary force to pull the plunger in, then dropping the voltage down to maintain the plunger in place.

Designed to operate with a supply voltage of 8 to 40 VDC at a peak current of 20A, the SDM840 Solenoid Driver Module has a Command or Trigger Voltage of 2 to 40 VDC. Having a Trigger is especially useful when using solenoids requiring higher voltages and the command voltage is lower such as a TTL signal. The readily available options for Pick Time are 100, 250, and 1,000 mSec, while different values for Pick Time can also be provided. After the plunger is seated, the factory setting for the holding voltage drops to 30 percent of the supply voltage, however, the holding voltage can be adjusted by the user via an on-board potentiometer.

Mounting is facilitated by four 0.15-in. diameter holes at the corners of the circuit board, and Screw Terminal Block for electrical connections are for: + and – DC voltage, + and – Trigger voltage, and the Solenoid.

About Magnetic Sensor Systems – Established in 1983, Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS) designs and manufactures high-quality solenoids, electromagnets, driving electronics, and other types of electromechanical components for a variety of industries and applications.

Part of Magnetic Sensor Systems’ competitive advantage is its state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facility in North America. Highly controlled processes, committed staff, and extensive testing complement their product design strengths. This enables Magnetic Sensor Systems to supply the most demanding clients from specialized small orders to high-volume just-in-time deliveries. Magnetic Sensor Systems is an ISO 90001:2015 certified company.

Through wise and aggressive use of its resources and technology, MSS has become recognized as one of the world’s leading solenoid manufacturers with a global customer base.

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