Aug 07, 2023

Plasma Stick 2040 W adds RGB LED strip controller to Raspberry Pi Pico W board

Pimoroni Plasma Stick 2040 W is a “Pico W Aboard” kit that adds a 5V RGB LED strip controller to the Raspberry Pi Pico W board, as well as a Reset button, and a Qwiic/STEMMA QT connector for expansion.

Plasma Stick 2040 W specifications:

Since it’s based on the Raspberry Pi Pico board it’s programmable with the official C/C++ and MicroPython SDKs, and Pimoroni also maintains a GitHub repository for their RP2040 boards with libraries and samples, and the schematic is also available as a PDF file.

Pimoroni sells the Plasma Stick 2040 Stick W for $12.30 including the Raspberry Pi Pico W, but if you want to easily create a nice-looking project you may as well go with one of their $24.60 to $30.75 Wireless Plasma Kits that include required cables, an RGB LED strip, and optionally a bottle. They have four kits at this time: “Cubey Edition”, “Starry Edition”, “Skully Edition”, and “Bring Your Own Bottle”.

Alternatively, if you prefer a smaller board with a few extra features such as APA102/Dotstar compatibility, you may want to go with the Plasma 2040 board based on Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU instead of the Pico board which the company sells for $14.45.

Via The Magpi (who gave the board an 8/10 rating)

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