Aug 10, 2023


Announced in 2019, NORVI IIOT industrial controller features an ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth module, a choice of OLED or TFT Display, 24V DC input, and several analog and digital I/Os all housed in a DIN Rail enclosure.

Sri Lanka-based ICONIC DEVICES has now announced an updated version with NORVI ENET DIN-Rail ESP32 industrial gateway based on a similar design, but with the addition of an Ethernet port using W5500 SPI to Ethernet controller.

NORVI ENET (AE06) specifications:

There’s limited information about software support on the product page. But since it’s just an evolution of NORVI IIoT (even the dimensions are the same), with Ethernet replacing RS-485, NORVI ENET should be programmable with the Arduino IDE as the company provides Arduino libraries and sample sketches for inputs, outputs, RTC, temperature sensor, and the I2C display.

NORVI ENET ESP32 DIN-Rail industrial controller can be purchased through the aforelinked product page between $108 and $134 depending on the selected model.

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