Jul 22, 2023

New from Weidmuller

By msimpkins | November 20, 2017

Weidmuller introduces their Klippon Connect 
A-Series Universal modular terminal blocks. The Klippon Connect A-Series Universal range includes feed-through, multi-tier distribution, PE, fuse, test disconnect and neutral conductor disconnect terminals blocks. In addition to the new A-Series Universal range, Weidmuller is launching a new A-Series Application range of products designed specifically for use in recurring control panel applications that include voltage/current transformer wiring, control voltage distribution, motor wiring, signal wiring, and initiator/actuator wiring.

The A-Series Universal modular terminal blocks offer increased efficiency and flexibility for control panel application. Key features include:• Integrated push-button clamp actuator for safer wiring and simple handling;• Uniform integrated test point for easy continuity and potential/current checks;• Current identification area on jumpers;• Spring-loaded mounting foot to compensate for rail size fluctuations;• Multiple marking areas;• Two integrated jumpering channels;• Full range of pluggable terminal configurations

The A-Series Application range offers users custom-fit control panel solutions to help increase productivity for recurring applications. Weidmuller has identified and developed the Application range with product functions that are structured and adapted to specific requirements of panel building.