Aug 30, 2023


EDATEC has launched yet another Raspberry Pi CM4-powered industrial computer with the ED-IPC2010 offering a more compact design than the company’s CM4 Industrial and CM4 Sensing models, and an aluminum alloy enclosure that can easily be mounted to a DIN Rail.

Most of the specifications of the new ED-IPC2010 are pretty common with a choice of Raspberry Pi Compute Modules 4 with up to 8GB RAM, 32GB flash, and optional WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0, as well as a full-size HDMI video output, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a few USB ports. What’s a little different is one FPC connector on the mainboard with both HDMI and USB for touchscreen displays.\

ED-IPC2010 specifications:

Note that the specifications above are both for the carrier board and the industrial computer, and some of the interfaces such as MIPI DSI, MIPI CSI, and the FPC (HDMI+USB) connector are not accessible with the standard enclosure.

On the software side, EDATEC simply asked people to use Raspberry Pi OS or Raspberry Pi OS Lite, and from what I read on the user manual, which you can download from the product page, you’ll mostly need to install the BSP for hardware-specific code:

I’m not sure why one would need a custom NetworkManager, but EDATEC says it’s optional. The documentation also explains how to configure the mini PC using off-the-shelf software tools.

EDATEC sells samples of the DIN Rail mountable industrial computer on Aliexpress with three variants of the Raspberry Pi CM4 module

Shipping is pricy here (almost $70 to Thailand) because they only offer courier services. If you don’t need DIN Rail mounting, the EDATEC CM4 Nano is an even more compact design whose metal enclosure only partially covers the USB and Ethernet ports, and gives easier access to the FPC connector and 40-pin GPIO header.

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