Jun 17, 2023


JHylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures, today announces its new Debox 2 SL in-line cable junction box which can be assembled in a few seconds, against several minutes for a traditional junction box.

Debox 2 SL is supplied complete with all components needed to join flat or round profile cable, including a UL and VDE-approved 4-pole terminal block, to save electricians on-site installation time and reduce costs. Debox 2 SL is the UK’s first 100% tool-less junction box. With everything required immediately to hand, installers are not delayed in the search for dropped screws or missing components. This cable junction box from Hylec-APL is IP20 protected and suits internal applications, including ring main lighting, LED lighting and power.

A first to the UK market, Debox 2 SL is a registered design that includes a 4-pole screw-less push wire terminal block (max current 16A), suitable for either flat or round profile cable with a minimum conductor size of 0.5mm, maximum 2.5mm. Assembly is 100% tool-less: not even a screwdriver is required. Convenient and robust, this push wire/push button terminal block offers a guarantee of up to 50 connector insertions. After inserting the cables and closing the included cable clamps, the lid is simply snapped shut and held with the supplied locking clip. A ratchet arm holds the cables securely within the junction box and features a tailer for improved ratchet control. Debox 2 SL has rip-off mounting ears that can be used to securely mount the box.

Debox 2 SL junction boxes are maintenance-free and constructed from white polypropylene. Flame retardant to UL940V 0, they conform to the EN60598-1 (13.3.2) Glow Wire Test and are IP20 protected. Debox SL junction boxes measure 28.5mm x 50mm x 97mm and have a temperature rating of -20˚C to +85˚C.

Debox 2 SL junction boxes